My latest finished object is one that I’m super proud of mainly because it’s my first real crochet project. I started making these granny circles last year with the intention of making a blanket. In fact it was the whole reason I learnt to crochet, I really wanted a lovely flowers in the snow blanket to call my own.

Crochet granny circles

Every now and then I would make a few circles and add them to my growing collection. It was fun to mix colours that normally I would never dream of putting together. I liked naming the colour schemes as I made each one. There was the superman circle, the sunflower circle, the blue jeans circle and OK you get the picture. After crocheting over 70 circles I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to start joining them up to see what my blanket would look like.


But something didn’t feel right, my blanket wasn’t soft or snuggly like I thought it should be. It was actually kinda scratchy and rough. I fell out of love with my blanket idea and I fell out of love with acrylic yarn – big time. So the project lay neglected for months as I concentrated on my new found love – sock knitting.

Recently I lost my sock knitting mojo and found myself drawn to crochet again. This blanket that had been bugging me for over half a year grabbed my attention and the idea struck me that I could make it into a cushion! Most of the work was already done, I only had to join a few more circles, sew up the sides and bingo! A lovely crochet cushion.

So I bet you want to see the finished cushion now don’t you? OK, OK, here it is…




It certainly adds a splash of colour to an otherwise dull sofa. What do you think?