Feeling in a spring cleaning mood this weekend I decided to sort out the junk in the bottom of my wardrobe. Does anyone else accumulate a load of rubbish at the bottom of their wardrobe? Just me? Amongst the shoes and handbags and goodness knows what else I found a carrier bag containing a very old embroidery project.

I’m not exactly sure where it came from but I have a vague memory of my mum giving it to me as a child, she probably got it from a charity shop. If I remember correctly it was half completed when I got it and by the looks of it I only attempted a few stitches before forgetting all about it.


It’s in a bit of a sorry state, the stitching is horribly uneven and the cloth is full of stains and creases but I think with a bit of work it could be turned into something worth displaying.


The embroidery silks with it are in a bit of a jumbled up mess too!


Hiding in the mess of silks were these unfinished friendship bracelets. I used to love making them when I was about 10, looks like I suffered from project startitus even back then!

I’m going to start the embroidery piece by unpicking all of the uneven stitches or maybe I’ll go the whole hog and get rid of them all, I haven’t quite decided yet but I’m thinking it would be nice to start from scratch with it.

Watch this space to see what it becomes!