Early September, my Husband and I took a five day trip to Tallinn in Estonia. We had an amazing time! It’s a magical city full of history with well preserved medieval buildings and a rich culture.


The weather was very kind to us. Although we arrived in the pouring rain the rest of our days were filled with blue skies and sunshine, the ideal weather to explore this beautiful city.


Kiek in de Kok

View from Kiek in de Kok


Tallinn Old Town
Nevsky Cathedral Tallinn
Tallinn Old Town


We spent a lot of time walking around the Old Town area of Tallinn admiring the medieval buildings and defence towers. The red roofs set off perfectly by the bright azure sky.


At Kehrwieder Roastery, Tallinn Cafe
Kehrwieder Roastery, Tallinn Cafe

The local cafés were fantastic, so cosy and inviting! The perfect place to recuperate from all the walking & climbing.


Estonian Open Air Museum
Windmill at The Estonian Open Air Museum
Estonian Open Air Museum

One of my favourite places of all that we visited was the Estonian Open Air Museum. We spent nearly a full day there roaming around the old rural houses. It was like stepping back in time.


Polar Bear

I couldn’t resist including this picture of a polar bear at Tallinn Zoo. I’ve never seen a polar bear at a zoo before and it reminded me somewhat of LOST!


Dining medieval style at Olde Hansa
Food at Olde Hansa


We took another trip back in time at the restaurant Olde Hansa. The entire place was lit by candles, the staff were dressed in medieval costume and a band were playing ye olde music. Such a great atmosphere . Mark ate bear sausages!


I cannot recommend Tallinn highly enough, I already want to go back. If you’re looking for a European city break and you like history then I urge you to visit, you won’t be disappointed.