Earlier this month, during a moment of weakness, I splurged on some lovely Posh Yarn. 6 skeins of Bonnie Aran to be precise. On a whim I’d decided I wanted to try my hand at making a jumper and oh! What a coincidence, it was the day of the weekly Posh Yarn update. For those not in the know, yarn from Posh is highly coveted and once a week, on a Sunday evening, a selection of yarn goes on sale on their website. Getting what you want can be a bit of an elbow fight but that just adds to the excitement! The thrill of the chase somehow makes you want that yarn all the more.

So I sat there with bated breath that Sunday evening, my fingers itching as I waited for the clock to strike 7 and the update to go live. My heart began to thud as I refreshed and the buy button appeared next to that precious yarn I wanted. Several furious clicks later and… success! The yarn was mine, hurrah!

Posh Yarn Bonnie Aran

Two days later and a delicious pink package bursting with yummy yarn arrived at my door. Bonnie Aran is an Aran weight yarn (if you hadn’t guessed) made from 100% BFL wool and wow it smells sheepy! The colour, Another woman’s shoes, is a very autumnal rusty brown and just perfect for this time of year. I’d best get cracking on that jumper then!

Having never knitted anything larger than a sock or a hat, I initially wanted to find a simple, plain-ish pattern to ease me into the world of garment making. Then I fell in love the lacy cable-y beauty that is Julissa. Take a look at the pattern on Ravelry and prepare to swoon. Nothing like jumping in at the deep end!